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The world's 1st open-source platform for multisensory training data


Xtreme1 Makes Data Extremely Easy

Do you know that about 80% of the work with an AI project is collecting and preparing data

               *From Arvind Krishna IBM’s senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software

Shift focus from Model-centric AI to Data-centric AI

As you've seen, data has become the new code of AI application, which has to be iteratively finetuned in the whole modeling lifecycle:

  1. Scoping and collection

  2. Labeling and curation

  3. Training and validation

  4. Production and life-long learning

Start your MLOps Journey with Xtreme1
  • Unified data management

  • Auto labeling

  • Low code support

  • Developer friendly SDK & API

  • Custom model integration


In Xtreme1

See inside any data, any industry, at any scale, anywhere.

AI-Powered Data Annotation Suites

Rapidly Annotate with Multi-sensory Annotation Tools with Extreme Quality

3d annotation
image object detection

Universal I/O Data Type Support

Built-in Trained AI Models

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