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Join Our Community

Join the Xtreme1 community to contribute, learn, and find the answers you need

Contribute to the Xtreme1 community and get your rewards (Gifts, credit for cloud version)!



Students, researchers, professionals and open source enthusiast who are interested in MLOps are welcome to subscribe us.


Deep User

​​​AI engineer, self-driving experts, professional data annotation team who can deeply use Xtreme1 platform to generate outputs and ideas.


Contributing to the Community

Contribute Blog/video/documents

We welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions for our projects.


Contributing to the Community

Contribute code

Commit a pull request (PR). When you commit a PR, it means that you have started to contribute code to the community.

​How can I achieve Level 1

Complete all below:

- Join Xtreme1's Slack Workspace
- Give Xtreme1's repository on GitHub a star
- Follow Xtreme1's social media accounts

How can I climb to Level 2

Complete any of below:
- Use the platform on you ML project
- Ask questions, report bugs or share thoughts through Issue on GitHub

How can I climb to Level 3

Complete any of below:

- Author a post or record a video to share your work with Xtreme1 blog and newsletter readers.

- Help us to improve tech document

How can I become Level 4

Complete any of below:

- Commit or handle an issue

- Contribute code

- Contribute documents

- Disclose community security issues

(Good-first-issue is coming soon)

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