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Xtreme1 open source has arrived

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We know data processing is a vital part of MLOps, especially for AI engineers focusing on data collection and the outcome of the model prediction. The biggest challenges are the uncertainty of data quality, the high cost of experiments, and the lack of proper tools for data labeling.

A new project Xtreme1 open-source is launched now!

This is a very revolutionary tool that is widely used for real-time image processing and sensor processing. Xtreme1 highlight features include:

  • Data labeling for images, 3D LiDAR, and 2D&3D Sensor Fusion dataset

  • Optimized OpenPCDet model for LiDAR-based 3D Object Detection

  • YOLOR PyTorch Object Detection Model

  • Ontology provides preset general classes (hierarchies) and attributes for use in your model training.

  • Data management and quality control

  • Data debug and model-training

  • AI-powered tools for model performance evaluation

Xtreme1 is also available for Python developers who want to integrate their own AI functionality into their applications.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download Docker Compose desktop for a quick start or develop locally.

git clone 
cd xtreme1 
docker compose up

Explore our GitHub page or the documentation center to know more.

Xtreme1 provides the world's first FREE commercial-level LiDAR data annotation platform. A data-centric MLOps Platform that quickly develops and iterates your AI models, your full AI-lifecycle is taken care of with reproducibility, manageability, and automation.

We believe that by doing so, we would greatly benefit the majority of ML engineers, data scientists, as well as algorithm engineers in the world, so we could fasten the AI ecosystem and together we make a better world for our humanity.

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